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We will display the contact information for up to nine SkinPen® medical providers located near you.

About SkinPen® Provider Designations

We care about your provider experience. As you search our listings for your local SkinPen® provider, you’ll notice icons indicating special designations for selected providers. You can have confidence that all providers listed are certified to use the SkinPen® device, some have achieved Premier Partner status through their extensive:

  • Training and continued education in microneedling with SkinPen®, including annual re-certification
  • Skinfuse® post procedure skincare offered
  • Length of time + expertise level in delivering the SkinPen® procedure

Find the provider that’s right for you.

Get Ready to Talk About You

  1. Consider all of your skin goals. Communicate to your provider your interest in some or all of the recommended areas where SkinPen® can be used effectively. They’ll want to address your specific needs to create a custom plan for skin health.
  2. SkinPen® is a perfect place to begin when it comes to aesthetics. Communicate any prior treatments with injectables, lasers, peels, and prescriptions. Let your provider know your experience with previous aesthetic treatments.
  3. Share your normal skincare routine and the products currently used on your skin with your provider.

Get Comfortable With Your Provider

  1. Inquire about their history and experience with SkinPen®. Every SkinPen® provider has received training through Bellus Medical. Premier Partners receive annual re-certification training.
  2. Ask them details about how they will administer the procedure, based on your communicated goals.
  3. What are the expected follow up appointments and post-procedure protocol?
  4. To achieve optimum results, targeted care of the skin post-procedure is important at home. Ask them about recommended post-procedure skin products to enhance the remodeling process. Skinfuse® is the Bellus Medical line of products designed for this specific use.
  5. Look for our distinctive blue Bellus Medical SkinPen® and make your microneedling appointment with confidence.

You’re ready to experience superior results and rejuvenated skin health with your SkinPen® procedure.